Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm now an even older fatty

At 5:20pm, Australia time, marks the uneventful event of me coming into this world.

I have two incredible parents, one of which starts his mission today (congrats Dad!!!)and the other is doing her missionary work up above. I love my parents and they have have had to put up with a lot with me in my less-old-fart years.

Now I've got an amazing loving perfect and beautiful wife who has to put up with my onery whining and sarcastic nature. I love her with all my heart and despite her best efforts, I would not in any way let her get away with any kind of party today. I even blocked her bringing a big cake to the ER last night. Yippee!!!

We will be taking the girls to the Aquarium today, so, pending that I'm able to stay awake since I worked all last night, it should be cool and fun for us all.


Amy said...

Happy Day Jamison! We will happily be marking this joyous day on our calendar so we can remind you of your "youth" in years to come! Hope you had a good one!

Jess said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was great!

Brando Commando said...

Happy late birthday! And welcome to the blogging world!