Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our First Hurricane -- dead on track for our house. . . and Tampa General Hospital.

It's not looking to good for us here in Tampa -- we're projected to be slammed by the eye of the to-be Hurricane Fay. I'm on at the hospital all the night that it's expected to hit, responsible for over 100 patients while "on call" (AKA: frantically running around the hospital taking care of anything that happens to any of the pt's) -- it's not going to be a very fun night if the place turns into a disaster area --- which is expected and the state has already launched everything as a national disaster zone.
Since I'm also an ER doc, we have the responsibility of trying to carry the load of any disasters and all of the messes that may occur -- so I may be at the hospital for several days. My poor wife, alone with the kids -- that's my real concern. She'll be fine, I hope, but it will sure be a bugger if the power goes out and the house ends up at 100 degrees with 3 kids. Wish us the best. Gracias!


Rachel Stella said...

Wow, you really do have bad luck! Now we have a blog that we can both vent in after a day of crazy ER work.

Gines Family Blog said...

I'm glad you guys are safe, are any of the other ones coming expected to hit close by?

We miss you guys! Can't wait to come see you some day!

The Gines