Monday, August 25, 2008

Gustav --- it's projections over time

Gustav as of Sunday PM:

Gustav Sat:
Despite this stating it's a category 3 hurricane, it's already a 4, and about to slam Cuba. 78 have already been killed.

These are not looking good for our already previously beaten coastline. Those Spaghetti lines sure are not leaving much room for doubt of where this thing is going to go.

Gustav as of Thursday Evening: Not lookin' good for the folks of Louisiana -- hopefully no catastrophes!

Spaghetti Models:

Gustav as of Noon Tues:

Below are the initial estimates:


Below is the final map and course of our old Fay threat. It left a large path of destruction, tons of flooding and multiple lives have been lost. Thankfully, it turned just before it's track for our home and we were essentially completely unscathed by it here in the Tampa area.

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Rachel Stella said...

Haha, your blog is starting to look like a weather broadcast! Hope you guys are all safe and sound!